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Suffering: Quiz


Question 1: ________, as an ethical theory, claims that good and bad consist ultimately in pleasure and pain.

Question 2: The ________ of Buddhism are about dukkha, a term usually translated as suffering.
PratītyasamutpādaFour Noble TruthsSkandhaNirvana

Question 3: Such aspects may include public health, human rights, humanitarian aid, disaster relief, philanthropy, economic aid, social services, insurance, and ________.
Blood sportAnimal rightsAnimal welfareAnimal testing

Question 4: [22] Besides, some medical fields like palliative care, pain management (or pain medicine), ________, or psychiatry, does somewhat address suffering 'as such'.

Question 5:
Suffering, Seven deadly sins and Abortion are all:
Social issues Personal life Core issues in ethics Concepts in ethics

Question 6: Buddhism considers liberation from suffering and the practice of compassion (karuna) as basic for leading a holy life and attaining ________.
AnattaSkandhaNirvanaBuddhism and Hinduism

Question 7: ________ developed hedonistic utilitarianism, a popular doctrine in ethics, politics, and economics.
John Stuart MillImmanuel KantDavid HumeJeremy Bentham

Question 8: To these can be added the aspects of security and safety, which relate to precautionary measures taken by individuals or families, to interventions by the military, the police, the firefighters, and to notions or fields like social security, environmental security, and ________.
Human securityUnited NationsASEANHuman rights

Question 9:
Suffering, Organized crime and Privacy are all:
Social issues Core issues in ethics Concepts in ethics Personal life

Question 10: ________ deals with the problem of evil, which is the difficulty of reconciling an omnipotent and benevolent god with evil.

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