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Suez Canal: Quiz


Question 1: It is there under agreements between the United States, Israel, ________, and other nations.

Question 2:
What is Suez Canal's current status?
Open by appointment only
Open to the public
Open all year and free of charge

Question 3: In ________, al qantara means "the bridge".
Ancient North ArabianEgyptian ArabicModern Standard ArabicArabic language

Question 4:
Which company produces Suez Canal?
Wag TV
Aaargh! Animation
Suez Canal Company
Bickley-Warren Productions

Question 5: The ________ was the major global naval force and officially condemned the forced work and sent armed bedouins to start a revolt among workers.
NauruBarbadosInformal EmpireBritish Empire

Question 6: According to Herodotus, Darius's canal was wide enough that two ________ could pass each other with oars extended, and required four days to traverse.
ThemistoclesTriremeAncient GreeceGreco-Persian Wars

Question 7: ________ Mohamed Ezzat Adel (1 January 1984 – December 1995)
Mechanical engineeringEngineerElectrical engineeringEngineering

Question 8: [7][8][9] One smaller canal is believed to have been constructed under the auspices of either Senusret II[10] or ________.
Ahmose IAkhenatenSeti IRamesses II

Question 9: (It is said that in ancient times the Red Sea reached northward to the Bitter Lakes[7][8] and ________.
EgyptNileLake TimsahSuez Canal

Question 10: This provoked the Suez Crisis, in which the UK, France and Israel planned to invade ________.

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