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Suebi: Quiz


Question 1: [1] Sváfa, whose name means "Suebian",[55] was a ________ who appears in the eddic poem Helgakviða Hjörvarðssonar.
ValkyrieGermanic paganismYuleThor

Question 2: Between 572 and 574, Leovigild invaded the valley of the ________, pushing the Suebi northwards.
DouroPort wineCastile and LeónPortugal

Question 3: Except for a pocket in Swabia, and migrants to Gallaecia (modern Galicia, in ________, and Northern Portugal), no more was heard of the Suebi.
SpainLuxembourgDenmarkUnited States

Question 4: The Suebic kingdom in Gallaecia and northern ________ was established at 410 and lasted until 584.
Hispania BaeticaHispaniaLusitaniaHispania Tarraconensis

Question 5: The two groups "turned their arms against each other." The Semnones and ________ rebelled against their king and went over to the Cherusci.
FranksSuebiLombardsGermanic peoples

Question 6: In addition, on the south shore of the Baltic are the Aestii, in the territory of modern-day ________ speakers, or where they have been (Prussia), again equally as ancient as the Germanic-speakers.
Slavic languagesBaltsArmenian languageBaltic languages

Question 7: A generation later, shortly before 29 BC the Suebi crossed the Rhine, only to be defeated by Gaius Carrinas who along with the young ________ celebrated a triumph in 29 BC.
TiberiusRoman EmperorAugustusDomitian

Question 8: As to their location, they live next to the Cherusci, which places them between the Rhine river and the middle ________ river.
GermanyElbeHamburgCzech Republic

Question 9: In connection to the Suebi, Saxons and ________, returning from the Italian Peninsula in 573, are also mentioned.
Germanic peoplesLombardsAlamanniFranks

Question 10: After the defeat of 9 BC ________ divided the Germans by making a separate peace with the Sugambri and Suebi under their king Maroboduus.
DomitianTiberiusRoman EmperorAugustus


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