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Question 1: Delahaye, Jean-Paul, "The Science Behind Sudoku", ________ magazine, June 2006.
Nature (journal)Scientific American MindScientific AmericanNature Biotechnology

Question 2:
Sudoku, Algorithmics of sudoku and Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! are all:
Recreational mathematics Sudoku Puzzle video games Logic puzzles

Question 3: From July 2005, ________ included a daily Sudoku game in their Teletext service.
BBCFive (TV channel)S4CChannel 4

Question 4: Number puzzles appeared in newspapers in the late 19th century, when French puzzle setters began experimenting with removing numbers from ________.
GrimoireGiovanni Pico della MirandolaMagic (paranormal)Magic square

Question 5: The winner was Jana Tylová of the ________.
PolandHungarySlovakiaCzech Republic

Question 6: The third World Sudoku Championship was held in ________, from April 14–16, 2008.
MumbaiDaman and DiuGoaMangalore

Question 7:
Sudoku, Tetris and Travelling salesman problem are all:
Recreational mathematics Logic puzzles Puzzle video games NP-complete problems

Question 8: A three-dimensional Sudoku puzzle was invented by Dion Church and published in the ________ in May 2005.
The GuardianThe TimesThe IndependentThe Daily Telegraph

Question 9: ), taking only the first ________ of compound words to form a shorter version.
Radical 213Radical 51KanjiRadical 102

Question 10: The world's first live TV Sudoku show, Sudoku Live, was a puzzle contest first broadcast on 1 July 2005 on ________.
Sky1Sky NewsBritish Sky BroadcastingSky Sports


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