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Sudden infant death syndrome: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (accounting for less than 2% of cases);[34]
Jervell and Lange-Nielsen syndromeRomano-Ward syndromeLong QT syndromeAndersen–Tawil syndrome

Question 2: According to the US ________, several studies have failed to provide sufficient evidence of a causal link between vaccinations and SIDS.
European Centre for Disease Prevention and ControlCenters for Disease Control and PreventionChinese Center for Disease Control and PreventionBiological hazard

Question 3: In both human infants and rats, arousal thresholds have been shown to be at higher levels in the ________ (EEG) during slow-wave sleep.
Nervous systemElectroencephalographyEpilepsyNeurosurgery

Question 4: exploration of the ________ of the infant and family.
Mental status examinationMedical diagnosisPast medical historyMedical history

Question 5: Several instances of ________ have been uncovered where the diagnosis was originally SIDS.
Honor killingInfanticideTorture murderAssassination

Question 6: shaken baby syndrome and other forms of ________.
Elder abuseDomestic violenceChild abuseAdultery

Question 7: It should only be applied to an infant whose death is sudden and unexpected and remains unexplained after the performance of an adequate ________ investigation including
Anatomical pathologyPathologyForensic pathologyAutopsy

Question 8: maternal nicotine use (________ or nicotine patch)[40]
TobaccoNicotianaTobacco productsTobacco smoking

Question 9: [71] Infants who die from SIDS tend to have higher concentrations of ________ and cotinine (a biological marker for secondhand smoke exposure) in their lungs than those who die from other causes.
LobelinePhencyclidineNicotinic agonistNicotine

Question 10: US SIDS page, with links to a variety of information and statistics at ________
Chinese Center for Disease Control and PreventionBiological hazardEuropean Centre for Disease Prevention and ControlCenters for Disease Control and Prevention

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