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Sudden cardiac death: Quiz


Question 1: Examples of this include respiratory arrest (such as due to airway obstruction, which may be seen in cases of choking or asphyxiation), toxicity or poisoning, ________, or trauma.
AnaphylaxisGraft-versus-host diseaseAllergySerum sickness

Question 2: Although the most frequent cause of sudden cardiac death is ________, other causes include:
Ischaemic heart diseaseMyocardial infarctionCoronary artery diseaseCardiovascular disease

Question 3:
  • ________, both congenital and acquired
    Long QT syndromeJervell and Lange-Nielsen syndromeRomano-Ward syndromeAndersen–Tawil syndrome

Question 4: Non-atherosclerotic ________ abnormalities
Pulmonary veinCoronary circulationTorsoSuperior vena cava

Question 5: The phrase sudden cardiac death is a ________ concept incorporating the features of natural, rapid, and unexpected.
Globalization and diseaseHealth care systemPublic healthEpidemiology

Question 6: The most common cause of sudden cardiac death in adults over the age of 30 is coronary artery ________.
Aortic dissectionAtheromaAtherosclerosisAbdominal aortic aneurysm

Question 7: Myocardial diseases and ________, including
Heart failureMyocardial infarctionAtrial fibrillationHypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Question 8: The term sudden cardiac death refers to natural death from cardiac causes, heralded by abrupt loss of ________ within one hour of the onset of acute symptoms.
IdeaConsciousnessHenri BergsonGottfried Leibniz

Question 9: It is important to make a distinction between this term and the related term ________, which refers to cessation of cardiac pump function which may be reversible.
Cardiac arrestPulseless electrical activityMyocardial infarctionAsystole


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