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Sucrose: Quiz


Question 1: [9] Another study found that rats fed sucrose-rich diets developed high triglycerides, ________, and insulin resistance.
Impaired glucose toleranceICD-10 Chapter XVIII: Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findingsHyperglycemiaPrediabetes

Question 2: [24] Brazil overshadows most countries, with roughly 30 million ________ of cane sugar produced in 2006, while India produced 21 million, China 11 million, and Thailand and Mexico roughly 5 million each.
United States customary unitsTonneMetric systemKilogram

Question 3:
What is Sucrose also known as?
-galactopyranosyl--u03B1- -glucopyranoside
sugar, saccharose, β--fructofuranosyl-α--glucopyranoside
Wood sugar

Question 4: the body's cells exhibit impaired responses to ________ (Type 2 diabetes)
AdiponectinInsulinEndocrine systemGlucagon

Question 5: Aldohexose (Allose, Altrose, ________, Mannose, Gulose, Idose, Galactose, Talose)

Question 6: Glucose and fructose are rapidly absorbed into the ________ in the small intestine.
HeartMyocardial infarctionCirculatory systemFetal circulation

Question 7: The Portuguese first cultivated sugarcane in ________ in 1532.
MozambiqueAngolaBrazilEast Timor

Question 8: Sucrose can be dehydrated with sulfuric acid to form a black, ________-rich solid, as indicated in the following idealized equation:

Question 9: These ________ and a high import tariff make it difficult for other countries to export to the EU states, or to compete with the Europeans on world markets.
Market failureSupply and demandDumping (pricing policy)Subsidy

Question 10: These islands could supply sugarcane using ________ and produce sugar at prices vastly lower than those of cane sugar imported from the East.
SlaveryRacismUniversal suffrageAntisemitism

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