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Subtypes of HIV: Quiz


Question 1: This group was discovered in 1998 and has only been seen in ________.

Question 2: The first case in the ________ was in 1987.
CanadaPhilippinesAlaskaUnited States

Question 3: ________
Discovery and development of CCR5 receptor antagonistsEnfuvirtideVicrivirocDiscovery and development of non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors

Question 4: More advanced ________ have now been developed to detect both Group O and Group N.
HIV and AIDS misconceptionsHIV testAIDSAIDS denialism

Question 5: In 2009, a newly-analyzed HIV sequence was reported to have greater similarity to a simian immunodeficiency virus recently discovered in wild ________ (SIVgor) than to SIVs from chimpanzees (SIVcpz).
GorillaHominidaeBonoboMountain Gorilla

Question 6: HIV-1 is related to viruses found in ________ and gorillas living in western Africa, while HIV-2 viruses are related to viruses found in sooty mangabeys.
Common ChimpanzeeBonoboChimpanzeeHuman

Question 7: HIV/AIDS at the ________
Life (magazine)Open Directory ProjectJim BarksdaleTime Warner

Question 8: Some of the subtypes are known to be more ________ or are resistant to different medications.
BacteriaEscherichia coliVirulenceInfectious disease


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