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Subtropical cyclone: Quiz


Question 1: In the Atlantic Basin, the United States ________ classifies subtropical cyclones similar to their tropical cousins, based on maximum sustained surface winds.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationNational Agricultural Statistics ServiceNational Weather ServiceUnited States Environmental Protection Agency

Question 2: A subtropical depression/storm may further gain tropical characteristics to become a pure tropical depression or storm, which may eventually develop into a hurricane, and there is at least one case of a tropical storm transforming into a subtropical storm (________ in 1984).
1990 Atlantic hurricane season1984 Atlantic hurricane seasonHurricane Lili (1984)Hurricane Klaus (1984)

Question 3: In the North Atlantic basin, subtropical cyclones were initially named from the ________ list in the early to mid-1970s.
Umlaut (diacritic)NATO phonetic alphabetÅZ

Question 4: Examples include Subtropical Storm Ana (which became Tropical Storm Ana) in mid-April of the 2003 hurricane season and Subtropical Storm Andrea in early May and Subtropical Storm Olga (which became Tropical Storm Olga) in mid-December of the ________.
2008 Atlantic hurricane season2006 Atlantic hurricane season2007 Atlantic hurricane seasonHurricane Dean

Question 5: [10] If the thunderstorm activity becomes deep and persistent, allowing its initial low level warm core to deepen, ________ is possible.
Tropical cyclogenesisTropical cycloneTropical cyclone basinsEye (cyclone)

Question 6: ________ of 2002 was the first Subtropical Storm to receive a name but became tropical shortly after naming.
Tropical Storm Arthur (2002)2002 Atlantic hurricane seasonHurricane Kyle (2002)Hurricane Gustav (2002)

Question 7: In the case of the north Indian ocean, the formation of a subtropical cyclone leads to the onset of ________ rains during the wet season.
Southeast AsiaMonsoonSouth AsiaAsia

Question 8: [11] Diagrams which depict a ________'s phase depict subtropical cyclones with a shallow warm core and as asymmetric systems, similar to tropical cyclones which have begun the transition to an extratropical cyclone.
Severe weatherCycloneMesoscale convective systemMeteorology

Question 9: Subtropical cyclones form in a wide band of ________, mainly south of the 50th parallel in the northern hemisphere.
LatitudeEquatorPrime MeridianAntarctic Circle

Question 10: Subtropical cyclones began to receive names off the official tropical cyclone lists in the Atlantic Hurricane Basin and the southwest ________.
Atlantic OceanArabian SeaIndian OceanPacific Ocean


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