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Subtractive color: Quiz


Question 1: Red, yellow, and blue are the primary colors of the standard ________.
PurpleOrange (colour)Color visionColor wheel

Question 2: Orange          Brown | Pink          Violet ā€” Neutral color:      ________ | Grey or Gray          Silver |      White

Question 3: Additive colors: ________          Navy | Lime          Green | Red          Maroon ā€” Subtractive colors: Cyan          Teal | Magenta or Fuchsia          Purple | Yellow          Olive
BlueOrange (colour)Violet (color)Indigo

Question 4: It predated modern scientific ________.
Color wheelColor theoryPrimary colorRGB color model

Question 5: In most ________, the primary ink colors used are cyan, magenta, and yellow.
LithographyCMYK color modelRGB color modelColor printing

Question 6: RYB (Red, Yellow, Blue) is the formerly standard set of subtractive ________ used for mixing pigments.
PurpleViolet (color)Subtractive colorPrimary color

Question 7: It is used in art and art education, particularly in ________.
RomanticismModernismSymbolism (arts)Painting

Question 8: Magenta is the complement of green, and yellow the complement of ________.
IndigoRedOrange (colour)Blue

Question 9: In either type of system, three primary colors are combined to stimulate humansā€™ trichromatic ________, sensed by the three types of cone cells in the eye, giving an apparently full range.
Color blindnessColor visionVisible spectrumRGB color model

Question 10: The color that a surface displays depends on which colors of the ________ are reflected by it and therefore made visible.
Electromagnetic spectrumGamma rayMicrowaveX-ray


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