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Question 1: The set of ________ is a proper subset of the set of rational numbers and the set of points in a line segment is a proper subset of the set of points in a line.
Cardinal numberIntegerReal numberNatural number

Question 2: The ________, denoted by ∅, is also a subset of any given set X.
Topological spaceSet (mathematics)Empty setSet theory

Question 3: The set {x: x is a ________ greater than 2000} is a proper subset of {x: x is an odd number greater than 1000}
Deficient numberPractical numberPerfect numberPrime number

Question 4: The ________ are a simple example—if each ordinal n is identified with the set [n] of all ordinals less than or equal to n, then ab if and only if [a] ⊆ [b].
Ordinal numberCardinal numberSurreal numberNatural number

Question 5: In ________, especially in set theory, a set A is a subset of a set B if A is "contained" inside B.
AlgebraMathematicsMathematical logicGeometry


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