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Subprefectures of Japan: Quiz


Question 1: Certain ________ are now, or once were, divided into subprefectures.
Prefectures of JapanHokkaidōTokyoCore city

Question 2: ________ contains four subprefectures that provide administrative services to residents of certain outlying islands under the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
TokyoGreater Tokyo AreaMinato, TokyoBeijing

Question 3: In addition, in 1907 Japan formed ________ to govern the island of Sakhalin.
Korea under Japanese ruleTaiwan under Japanese ruleKarafuto PrefectureKwantung Leased Territory

Question 4: The subprefectures did not include major cities, such as Sapporo and ________, until 1922.
YokohamaTokyoAsahikawa, HokkaidōHakodate, Hokkaidō

Question 5: This is the closest Japanese government office to Liancourt Rocks, a small island group held by South Korea but claimed by ________.
United KingdomCambodiaJapanCanada


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