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Question 1: ________ orders a person to testify before the ordering authority or face punishment.
Fourteenth Amendment to the United States ConstitutionHenry de BractonSubpoena ad testificandumSubpoena duces tecum

Question 2:   Typically subpoenas are issued "in blank" and it is the responsibility of the ________ representing the plaintiff or defendant on whose behalf the testimony is to be given to serve the subpoena on the witness.
ShariaCommon lawLawyerLegal education

Question 3: However, for Civil proceedings in ________, the term has been replaced by witness summons, as part of reforms to replace Latin terms with English terms which are easier to understand.
United KingdomEngland and WalesEnglish lawScotland

Question 4: A subpoena (pronounced /səbˈpiːnə/ or /səˈpiːnə/) is a ________ issued by a government agency that has authority to compel testimony by a witness or production of evidence, the agency most often a court, under a penalty for failure.

Question 5: ________ spent a few months looking into these questions, and here's what it found.
Public Broadcasting ServicePBS NewsHourBill MoyersFrontline (U.S. TV series)

Question 6: Subpoenas are usually issued by the clerk of the court (see below) in the name of the ________ presiding over the case.
JudgeProfessorRabbiDoctor (title)

Question 7: John Waltham, Bishop of Salisbury, is said to have created the ________ of subpoena in the reign of Richard II.

Question 8: ________ orders a person to bring physical evidence before the ordering authority or face punishment.
Discovery (law)Subpoena duces tecumDeposition (law)Subpoena ad testificandum

Question 9: The term is from the Middle English suppena and the ________ phrase sub poena meaning "under penalty".
Old LatinLatinVulgar LatinRoman Empire

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