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Submodalities: Quiz


Question 1: Fritz Perls
Milton H. Erickson
Virginia Satir
Gregory Bateson
Noam Chomsky
Alfred KorzybskiRobert Anton WilsonGermanyGeneral semantics

Question 2: Submodalities are therefore seen in NLP as offering a valuable therapeutic insight (or ________) and potential working methods, into how the human mind internally organizes and subjectively 'views' events.

Question 3: ________: Somatic sensation, location in the body, movement direction
PainNociceptorProprioceptionNervous system

Question 4: The concept of submodalities arose in the field of ________ (NLP), that human beings 'code' internal experiences using aspects of their different senses.
Milton H. EricksonNeuro-linguistic programmingNLP and scienceJohn Grinder

Question 5: Meta model
Milton model
Rep. systems
Perceptual positions
Richard BandlerJohn GrinderMeta-programsMilton H. Erickson

Question 6: Submodalities in ________ are distinctions of form or structure (rather than content) within a sensory representational system.
Neuro-linguistic programmingJohn GrinderMilton H. EricksonNLP and science

Question 7: Qualities: Volume, pitch, tempo, ________, pace, duration, intensity, harmony
RhythmTime signatureMusical notationMeter (music)

Question 8: ________, a motivational speaker and NLP proponent, states that "our ability to change the way we feel depends upon our ability to change our submodalities."[1]
Tony RobbinsRichard BandlerJohn GrinderNeuro-linguistic programming

Question 9: Specifically for most people, research within NLP states that the ________ often uses these structural elements as a way to 'know' how it feels about them, and what they signify internally.
Nervous systemSensory systemDigestionBrain

Question 10: Richard Bandler
Robert Dilts
Judith DeLozier
Stephen Gilligan
John GrinderMilton H. EricksonDavid Gordon (psychologist)Neuro-linguistic programming

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