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Question 1: The Kolumbo underwater volcano in the Aegean Sea was discovered in 1650 when it burst from the sea and erupted, killing 70 people on the nearby island of ________.

Question 2: For example, while the summits of seamounts are normally hundreds of meters below sea level, the ________ in Canada's Pacific waters rises from a depth of about 3,000 meters to within 24 meters of the sea surface.
Mount GaribaldiMount Edziza volcanic complexMount CayleyBowie Seamount

Question 3: These are typically formed from ________, that rise abruptly and are usually found rising from a seafloor of 1,000 - 4,000 meters depth.

Question 4: The peaks are often found hundreds to thousands of meters below the surface, and are therefore considered to be within the ________.
Deep seaBlack smokerPelagic zoneHydrothermal vent

Question 5: Although most are located in the depths of seas and ________, some also exist in shallow water, which can spew material into the air during an eruption.
OceanEarthNatural environmentNature

Question 6: The vast majority are located near areas of tectonic plate movement, known as ________.
Mid-ocean ridgeDivergent boundaryPassive marginSeafloor spreading

Question 7: Below ocean depths of about 2243 meters where the pressure exceeds 218 atmospheres, the ________ of water, it can no longer boil; it becomes a supercritical fluid.
Critical point (thermodynamics)Triple pointSolidPhase transition

Question 8: Many submarine volcanoes are usually found as ________.
SeamountHydrothermal ventPelagic zoneCold seep

Question 9: ________, sites of abundant biological activity, are commonly found near submarine volcanoes.
Black smokerHydrothermal ventCold seepLittoral zone

Question 10: Submarine volcanoes are underwater fissures in the ________'s surface from which magma can erupt.


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