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Question 1: It was invented by the Dutch shortly before World War II and copied by the ________ during the war for use by U-Boats.
GermansEthnic GermansAustriaGermany

Question 2: The 1940 defeat of the Netherlands by the Wehrmacht (German Defense Forces), and the capture of O-25 and O-26 was a stroke of luck for the German ________.
Scharnhorst class battleshipKarl DönitzKriegsmarineGerman Type VII submarine

Question 3: The first Kriegsmarine boat to be fitted with a snorkel was U-58 which experimented with the equipment in the ________ during the summer of 1943.
Black SeaArctic OceanNorth SeaBaltic Sea

Question 4: The ________, at first, gave some consideration to the snorkel as a means to take fresh air into the boats but saw no need to run the diesel engines underwater.
KriegsmarineGerman Type VII submarineScharnhorst class battleshipKarl Dönitz

Question 5: On ________ the snorkel folded forward and was stored in a recess on the port side of the hull, while on the IX Types the recess was on the starboard side.
German submarine U-29 (1936)German Type VII submarineGerman submarine U-556German submarine U-30 (1936)

Question 6: In 1940, at night, a U-boat was safer on the surface than submerged because ________ sonar could detect boats underwater but was almost useless against a surface vessel.
Echo soundingMarine mammals and sonarUnderwater acousticsSonar

Question 7: A submarine snorkel is a device that allows a ________ to operate submerged while still taking in air from above the surface.
Alfa class submarineSubmarineUnited States NavyTorpedo


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