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Submarine: Quiz


Question 1: Fresh water is produced by either an evaporator or a ________ unit.
DesalinationDrinking waterWater purificationReverse osmosis

Question 2: 1941-45 - German U-boats operated under ice from the ________ to the Laptev Sea.
Arctic OceanBaltic SeaBarents SeaKara Sea

Question 3: Military submarines first made a significant impact in ________.
Western Front (World War I)Caucasus CampaignArmenian GenocideWorld War I

Question 4: It was built by Jose Rodriguez Lavandera, who successfully crossed the Guayas River in ________ accompanied by Jose Quevedo.
QuitoGuayaquilLoja, EcuadorEcuador

Question 5: An atmosphere monitoring system samples the air from different areas of the ship for nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, R-12 and R-114 refrigerants, carbon dioxide, ________, and other gases.
Nitrous oxideCarbon monoxideHydrogen sulfideNitric oxide

Question 6: In 1879, the Peruvian government, during the ________, commissioned and built the fully operational submarine Toro Submarino.
Treaty of defensive alliance between Peru and Bolivia of 1873Treaty of Peace and Friendship (1904)Atacama border disputeWar of the Pacific

Question 7: ________, fearful of the return of the Ottomans, purchased it.

Question 8:
Who played Submarine Commander the movie Submarine?
Clarence Burton
Ralph Graves
Arthur Rankin
Clarence Burton

Question 9:
Who played Bob Mason the movie Submarine?
Clarence Burton
Ralph Graves
Ralph Graves
Jack Holt

Question 10: ________
Golf class submarineYankee class submarineAlfa class submarineList of Soviet and Russian submarine classes

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