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Subject Verb Object: Quiz


Question 1: [1] It is also the most common order developed in ________, suggesting that it may be somehow more initially 'obvious' to human psychology[2].
Portuguese languageCreole languageFrench languageEnglish language

Question 2: All of the ________ follow this order also but change to VSO when asking a question.
North Germanic languagesWest Germanic languagesGermanic languagesOld Norse

Question 3: The ________ also follow SVO construction, except for certain constructions in many of them in which a pronoun functions as the object (e.g.
Romance languagesFrench languagePortuguese languageSpanish language

Question 4: Subject Verb Object languages almost always place ________ after the nouns they modify and adverbial subordinators before the clause modified.
ComplementizerAccusative caseRelative clauseGrammatical case


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