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Subject Object Verb: Quiz


Question 1: This type usually places ________ and numerals before the nouns they modify and is exclusively suffixing without prefixes.
AdverbPreposition and postpositionAdjectiveVerb

Question 2: Among ________ with a word order preference, SOV is the most common type (followed by Subject Verb Object; the two types account for more than 75% of natural languages with a preferred order).
Natural languageAntónio DamásioPerceptionThought

Question 3: The second is head-marking and distinguishes subject and object by ________ on the verb rather than markers on the nouns.
AffixHalkomelem languageSimulfixInflection

Question 4: ________ preceding the nouns to which they refer usually signals SOV word order, though the reverse does not hold: SOV languages feature prenominal and postnominal relative clauses roughly equally.
Grammatical caseAccusative caseComplementizerRelative clause

Question 5: German and Dutch are considered SVO in conventional typology and SOV in ________.
SyntaxTransformational grammarNoam ChomskyGenerative grammar

Question 6: They have a weaker but significant tendency to place ________ adjectives before the nouns they modify.
Copula (linguistics)DemonstrativeArticle (grammar)Adverb


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