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Question 1: Geri's Game : Oscar winning animation by ________ completed in 1997 that introduced subdivision surfaces (along with cloth simulation)
Disney HyperionPixarDisney Consumer ProductsSteve Jobs

Question 2: 1978: Subdivision surfaces were discovered simultaneously by ________ and Jim Clark (see Catmull–Clark subdivision surface).
Edwin CatmullSteve JobsThe IncrediblesPixar

Question 3: This is analogous to spline surfaces and curves, where Bézier splines are required to interpolate certain control points, while ________ are not.
Bernstein polynomialMatrix (mathematics)Bézier curveB-spline

Question 4: The smooth surface can be calculated from the coarse mesh as the limit of a ________ process of subdividing each polygonal face into smaller faces that better approximate the smooth surface.
RecursionRecursion (computer science)Mathematical logicMathematics

Question 5: A subdivision surface, in the field of 3D computer graphics, is a method of representing a smooth surface via the specification of a coarser piecewise linear ________.
PolyhedronPolygon meshSTL (file format)COLLADA


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