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Subcutaneous emphysema: Quiz


Question 1: Subcutaneous refers to the tissue beneath the cutis of the skin, and ________ refers to trapped air.
AsthmaPneumoniaAcute respiratory distress syndromeEmphysema

Question 2: Subcutaneous emphysema can result from puncture of parts of the respiratory or ________.
Colorectal cancerAscending cholangitisHuman gastrointestinal tractPeritonitis

Question 3: Air can be trapped under the skin in necrotizing infections such as gangrene, occurring as a late sign in gas gangrene,[2] of which it is the ________ sign.
HallmarkAssay officeSilverGold

Question 4: [3] Its most common causes are ________ and an improperly functioning chest tube.
PneumothoraxPleural diseaseRespiratory diseasePneumomediastinum

Question 5: This is especially important as an undiagnosed ________ could be growing once the chest tube fail.
HemothoraxPneumoniaTension pneumothoraxAsthma

Question 6: Air in the subcutaneous tissues may interfere with ________ of the chest, potentially obscuring serious conditions such as pneumothorax.
X-rayGamma rayIonizing radiationRadiography

Question 7: [6] Other potential causes are ________, in which its occurrence is frequently unexpected,[23] laparoscopy,[6] and cricothyrotomy.
MedicinePain managementSurgeryAnesthesia

Question 8: [12] ________ is used to diagnose the condition or confirm a diagnosis made using clinical signs.
NeuroimagingRadiologyMedical imagingFunctional magnetic resonance imaging

Question 9: [4] Chest ________ may show air in the mediastinum, the middle of the chest cavity.
Radiation therapyIonizing radiationNuclear fusionX-ray

Question 10: [27] On the other hand, since subcutaneous emphysema may become apparent in ________ before a pneumothorax does, its presence may be used to infer that of the latter injury.
X-ray computed tomographyMagnetic resonance imagingChest radiographRadiology


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