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Subcontrabass saxophone: Quiz


Question 1: The B subcontrabass Tubax,[2] which was developed in 2000 by instrument manufacturer Benedikt Eppelsheim of Munich, ________, is described by Eppelsheim as a "subcontrabass saxophone".

Question 2: While some argue that the Tubax is akin to the double-reed ________, the Tubax's bore is much larger than that of the corresponding size of sarrusophone.
Contrabass sarrusophoneBassoonOboeSarrusophone

Question 3: The subcontrabass saxophone is a type of ________ that Adolphe Sax patented and planned to build but never constructed.
SaxophoneClarinetTenor saxophoneChalumeau

Question 4: Sax called this imagined instrument saxophone bourdon (named after the lowest stop on the ________).
Pipe organBaroque musicOrgan (music)Classical music

Question 5: This makes for a more compact instrument with a "reedier" and "fatter" ________.
ColoraturaOperaTimbreChest voice

Question 6: It would have been a transposing instrument pitched in B, one ________ below the bass saxophone and two octaves below the tenor saxophone.
Interval (music)FifteenthSemitoneOctave


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