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Subclavian steal syndrome: Quiz


Question 1: The blood vessels supplying the ________ arise from the vertebral arteries and internal carotid arteries and are connected to one another by communicating vessels that form a circle (known as the Circle of Willis).
DigestionNervous systemSensory systemBrain

Question 2: As in vertebral-subclavian steal, coronary-subclavian steal may occur in patients who have received a ________ using the internal thoracic artery (ITA).
Coronary artery bypass surgeryCoronary catheterizationSurgeryCardiac surgery

Question 3: In the setting of increased resistance in the proximal subclavian artery, blood may flow backward away from the heart along the ITA causing ________.
Coronary artery diseaseMyocardial infarctionAcute coronary syndromeIschaemic heart disease

Question 4: ________ differential between the arms
VasodilationBlood pressureCirculatory systemRenin-angiotensin system

Question 5: Blood, like ________, flows along the path of least resistance.
Electric currentElectric chargeMaxwell's equationsMagnetic field

Question 6: [3] As a result of this procedure, the distal end of the ITA is diverted to one of the coronary arteries (typically the LAD), facilitating blood supply to the ________.
Circulatory systemLymphatic systemTorsoHeart


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