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Sub-Saharan Africa: Quiz


Question 1: The southernmost group was the Xhosa people, whose language incorporates certain linguistic traits from the earlier ________ people, reaching the Fish River, in today's Eastern Cape Province.
Khoekhoe languageKhoisan languagesTaa languageJuǀʼhoan language

Question 2: Dishes include fufu, kenkey, ________, garri, foutou, and banku.
BreadCouscousSpeltInternational wheat production statistics

Question 3:
Which of the following titles did Sub-Saharan Africa have?
Africa development = Afrique et du00E9veloppement
Africa Screams
Articles Related to Sub-Saharan Africa
Africa Media Review

Question 4: Only six African countries are not geographically a part of Sub-Saharan Africa: ________, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Western Sahara (claimed by Morocco).

Question 5: [29] Kush, ________ at her greatest phase is considered Sub-Saharan Africa's oldest urban civilization.
NubiaEgyptAncient EgyptSudan

Question 6: Prior to the introduction of the ________,[23] the use of oxen, mule, and horses for desert crossing was common, and trade routes followed chains of oases that were strung across the desert.

Question 7: [92] In Southern Africa, their speakers are the Khoi and ________ (San), in East Africa, the Sandawe and Hadza.

Question 8: From ________, [Homo erectus](upright man) evolved 1.5 million years.
Homo habilisHuman evolutionAustralopithecus afarensisHomo ergaster

Question 9: In ________, Namibia and Zambia, kitenge is known as Chitenge.
BotswanaMalawiKenyaSierra Leone

Question 10: ________ can be broken into linguistic cultural groups, with common themes.
Yoruba peopleAfrican traditional religionNigeriaIgbo people


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