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Styrax: Quiz


Question 1: Styrax resin from southern Arabian species was burned during ________ (Boswellia resin) harvesting; it was said to drive away snakes:

Question 2: ________ (c.440 BC): The Histories.
HerodotusGreco-Persian WarsAlexander the GreatAncient Greece

Question 3: The ________ is an oblong dry drupe, smooth and lacking ribs or narrow wings, unlike the fruit of the related snowdrop trees (Halesia) and epaulette trees (Pterostyrax).
FruitFlowering plantVegetableSeed

Question 4: The resin of Styrax acts to kill wound pathogens and deter ________.

Question 5: He indicates that styrax resin mixed with other antibiotic substances and hardening material gives a good ________.
Dental restorative materialsDentistryTeeth cleaningCosmetic dentistry

Question 6: The name "benzoin" is probably derived from Arabic lubān jāwī (لبان جاوي, "Javan ________"); compare the obsolete terms "gum benjamin" and "benjoin".

Question 7: Today tincture of benzoin is most often used in first aid for small injuries, as it acts as a disinfectant and local ________ and seems to promote healing.
General anaestheticLocal anestheticAnestheticDepressant

Question 8: Tincture of benzoin is benzoin resin dissolved in ________.

Question 9: The ________ are pendulous, with a white 5-10-lobed corolla, produced 3-30 together on open or dense panicles 5-25 cm long.
SeedFruitFlowerFlowering plant

Question 10: Consequently, for example, few ________ caterpillars eat styrax compared to other plants.


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