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Stutthof concentration camp: Quiz


Question 1: About 5,000 prisoners from Stutthof subcamps were marched to the ________ coast, forced into the water, and machine gunned.
Black SeaArctic OceanBaltic SeaNorth Sea

Question 2: The town is located in the former territory of the ________, 34 km east of Gdańsk, Poland.
West PrussiaFree City of DanzigHistory of Pomerania (1806–1933)Polish Corridor

Question 3: Many prisoners died in ________ epidemics that swept the camp in the winter of 1942 and again in 1944.
CholeraEpidemic typhusTyphusPlague (disease)

Question 4: Shortly before the German surrender, some prisoners were transferred to Malmö, ________, and released to the care of that neutral country.

Question 5: When the Soviet army began its advance through Nazi-occupied ________ in July and August 1944, the camp staff of Klooga concentration camp evacuated the majority of the inmates by sea to the Stutthof concentration camp.

Question 6: ________
Nazi crimes against ethnic PolesMajdanek concentration campAdolf HitlerThe Holocaust

Question 7: ________
Auschwitz concentration campList of Nazi concentration campsThe HolocaustNeuengamme concentration camp

Question 8: The ________ did not include staff of the Stutthof concentration camp.
Adolf HitlerThe HolocaustNuremberg TrialsJoseph Goebbels

Question 9: In 1944 a female subcamp of Stutthof called Bromberg-Ost (Konzentrationslager Bromberg-Ost) was set up in the city of ________.

Question 10: A crematory and gas chamber were added in 1943, just in time to start mass executions when Stutthof was included in the "________" in June 1944.
The HolocaustAdolf HitlerWannsee ConferenceFinal Solution

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