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Stunticons: Quiz


Question 1: They started by stealing five ________ vehicles.

Question 2: He is a ________ and a fatalist who sees little point in continuing the Autobot-Decepticon war, as everyone is going to die anyway.
PessimismImmanuel KantFriedrich NietzschePhilosophy

Question 3: Razorclaw and Motormaster were the ones who stopped Prime's attack on Serpentor, beating him near death, but were then killed by the ________-controlled Serpentor.
DestroBaroness (G.I. Joe)Red ShadowsCobra Commander

Question 4: The Stunticons made their first ________ appearance in issue 3 of The Transformers: Megatron Origin, appearing amongst Megatron's gathering of gladiators that would eventually become the Decepticons.
Paramount PicturesIDW Publishing2005 in comics2006 in comics

Question 5: The Stunticons are a group of ________ feared for their psychotic behavior and their capability to do death-defying vehicular stunts and wreak havoc on the streets.
DecepticonShockwave (Transformers)Soundwave (Transformers)The Transformers (TV series)

Question 6: They were not present at the battle of Autobot City, but were present on ________ in the aftermath of Unicron's defeat, defeating a weakened Devastator as Menasor for an Energon Cube.
List of Transformers planetsList of The Transformers charactersList of Transformers TV seriesList of Autobots

Question 7: On one notable occasion they were able to force Rodimus Prime off the road during a race and steal the ________.
Soundwave (Transformers)Transformers: UniverseMatrix of LeadershipUnicron

Question 8: The two teams battled, first individually then in their combined modes of Menasor and Superion, with Menasor only being defeated through the intervention of ________.
The Transformers (TV series)Shockwave (Transformers)Omega SupremeSoundwave (Transformers)

Question 9: Dead End
He transforms into a ________ car.
Porsche 928Porsche 911 classicPorsche 911Porsche 964

Question 10: In issue 4 Motormaster is blown apart by ________ during the revolution in Kaon.
Sentinel PrimeOptimus Prime (other incarnations)Shockwave (Transformers)Transformers Animated


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