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Question 1: Stumping is the fifth most common form of dismissal after caught, bowled, leg before wicket and run out, though it is seen more commonly in ________ cricket.
Twenty20 InternationalTwenty20Adam GilchristOne Day International

Question 2: It is governed by Law 39 of the ________.
Stump (cricket)Fielding (cricket)Laws of cricketCaught

Question 3: The wicket must be properly put down in accordance with Law 28 of the ________: using either the ball itself or a hand or arm that is in possession of the ball.
CaughtLaws of cricketStump (cricket)Fielding (cricket)

Question 4: Although they are too far away from spectators to be seen, such logos are visible on ________ coverage.
VideoClosed captioningMechanical televisionTelevision

Question 5: Stump is a term used in the sport of ________ where it has three different meanings:
Bat-and-ball gamesOlympic GamesCricketIndoor cricket

Question 6: the ________ puts down the wicket, while the batsman is:
Fast bowlingCricketFielding (cricket)Wicket-keeper

Question 7: Cricket nets • Snickometer • ________ • Hot Spot • Category:Cricket equipment
Hawk-EyeAndy MurrayIvan LjubičićStump (cricket)

Question 8: Overs • Run • Wickets • No ball • Wide • Bowling average • ________
Hat-trickBoundary (cricket)Century (cricket)Jacques Kallis


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