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Stuffed peppers: Quiz


Question 1:
Stuffed peppers, Yoghurt and Gyros are all:
Bosnia and Herzegovina cuisine Greek cuisine Serbian cuisine Sudanese cuisine

Question 2:
Stuffed peppers, Indian cuisine and Curry are all:
Bosnia and Herzegovina cuisine Serbian cuisine Indian cuisine Romanian cuisine

Question 3: There are many variations of the dish across the ________.
BalkansEuropeEastern EuropeWestern Europe

Question 4: It is sometimes also served in a taco with ________, salsa and other toppings.

Question 5: Most popular in the Zagorje and ________ regions, it is influenced by Hungarian cuisine.
SerbiaNovi SadVojvodinaKosovo

Question 6:
Stuffed peppers, Ful medames and Asida are all:
Serbian cuisine Hungarian cuisine Mexican cuisine Sudanese cuisine

Question 7: Filfil Mahshi an ________ dish that consists of stuffed green peppers.
Turkish cuisineArab cuisineGreek cuisinePalestinian cuisine

Question 8:
Stuffed peppers, Hummus and Cardamom are all:
Sudanese cuisine Romanian cuisine Greek cuisine Arab cuisine

Question 9: Yemista is part of the ________ and consists of baked stuffed vegetables.
Cypriot cuisineGreek cuisineTurkish cuisineArmenian cuisine

Question 10:
Stuffed peppers, Paprika and Goulash are all:
Serbian cuisine Arab cuisine Mexican cuisine Bosnia and Herzegovina cuisine


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