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Question 1: [15] SDSers of that time were nearly all anti-communist, but they also refused to be drawn into actions that smacked of ________, which they viewed as mostly irrelevant and old hat.
Democratic Party (United States)McCarthyismJoseph McCarthyRed-baiting

Question 2: It held a convention in Boston in 1971, at which a striking ________ worker was a featured speaker.
General MotorsGeneral Motors Chapter 11 reorganizationMotors Liquidation CompanyChrysler

Question 3: There, Hayden clashed with Michael Harrington (as he later would with ________[3]) over the perceived potential for totalitarianism among other things.
Max ShachtmanHal DraperIrving HoweMichael Harrington

Question 4: A few early SDS leaders went on to careers as Democratic Party politicians, including ________, who is still active in politics and writing.
Abbie Hoffman1968 Democratic National ConventionJerry RubinTom Hayden

Question 5: Unlike SDS-RYM and the Weathermen, SDS-WSA strongly opposed bombing and ________.
Pakistan and state terrorismTerrorismAl-QaedaIslamic terrorism

Question 6: Meanwhile, the local chapters got into all sorts of projects, from University reform, community-university relations, and now, in a small way, the issue of the draft and ________.
Korean WarCentral Intelligence AgencyVietnam WarCold War

Question 7: The school year started with a large demonstration against university complicity in the war in allowing Dow recruiters on campus at the ________ on October 17.
University of Wisconsin–MadisonUniversity of MichiganUniversity of MinnesotaOhio State University

Question 8: The FBI (mainly through its secret ________) and other law enforcement agencies were often exposed as having spies and informers in the chapters.
National Security BranchW. Mark FeltJoint Terrorism Task ForceCOINTELPRO

Question 9: Its political manifesto, known as the ________, was adopted at the organization's first convention in 1962,[1] based on an earlier draft by staff member Tom Hayden.
Students for a Democratic Society (1960 organization)Young Americans for FreedomAnti-communismPort Huron Statement

Question 10: The national office (NO) in ________ consisted of a few desks, some broken chairs, a couple of file cabinets and a few typewriters.
ManhattanBrooklynNew York CityNew York metropolitan area


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