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Question 1: Rob Parker." He formed the stable in 1994 with Arn Anderson, ________, Golden as Bunkhouse Buck, and Meng, who was Parker's bodyguard.
Terry FunkBret HartRic FlairStone Cold Steve Austin

Question 2: They feuded with "Mr. Olympia" Jerry Stubbs, Austin Idol and ________, as well as Armstrong's sons, Brad, Scott and Steve.
Bob ArmstrongBrian Gerard JamesRon KillingsTotal Nonstop Action Wrestling

Question 3: The Stud Stable feuded with ________ over the WCW World Tag Team Championship in which they won.
Lane HuffmanBarry WindhamBooker HuffmanHarlem Heat

Question 4: This stable feuded heavily with Dusty and Dustin Rhodes until late 1994 when Funk left and was replaced by ________.
Ricky SteamboatRic FlairDick SlaterBarry Windham

Question 5: ________ (1 time) – Jimmy Golden and Brian Lee
Arn AndersonPaul OrndorffDick SlaterCWF Tag Team Championship

Question 6: In early 1995, Meng left (eventually to join the ________) and Anderson went to rejoin Ric Flair.
Fall BrawlPaul WightDungeon of DoomHalloween Havoc

Question 7: ________ (1992–1993)
Continental Championship WrestlingUnited States Wrestling AssociationSmoky Mountain WrestlingHardcore Homecoming

Question 8: ________ (1994–1996)
World Championship WrestlingWorld Wrestling EntertainmentAmerican Wrestling AssociationExtreme Championship Wrestling

Question 9: The next version was created by Ron's brother ________ in the mid-late 1980s.
Jeff JarrettArn AndersonRobert FullerBooker Huffman

Question 10: His version included Fuller's cousin Jimmy Golden, a young ________ and the masked Lord Humongous (not Sid Vicious, but the original Lord Humongous)).
Tully BlanchardStone Cold Steve AustinBarry WindhamArn Anderson

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