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Structural violence: Quiz


Question 1: Institutionalized elitism, ethnocentrism, classism, racism, sexism, ________, nationalism, heterosexism and ageism are just some examples of structural violence.
DiscriminationAdultcentrismYouth voiceAdultism

Question 2: In explaining his point of view on how structural violence affects the health of subaltern or marginalized people, medical anthropologist ________ writes:
United StatesPartners In HealthDuke UniversityPaul Farmer

Question 3: Structural violence inevitably produces conflict and often direct violence, including family violence, racial violence, hate crimes, terrorism, ________, and war.
Racial segregationEthnic cleansingGenocideRacism

Question 4: A third of the 2,000 million people in the developing countries are starving or suffering from ________.
MalnutritionVitaminICD-10 Chapter IV: Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseasesObesity

Question 5: This perspective has been continually discussed by Paul Farmer, as well as by Philippe Bourgois, and ________.
South Africa under apartheidNancy Scheper-HughesBrazilSouth Africa


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