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Question 1: This is not always true, however, as in the case of the ________.
Beta sheetAlpha helixAlpha sheetEF hand

Question 2: ________ is a major method for discovering significant structural motifs.
Protein structure predictionStructural alignmentProteinMacromolecular docking

Question 3: In other words, a structural motif does not need to be associated with a ________.
DNABioinformaticsSequence motifGene

Question 4: For example the catalytic triad made up of a serine, histidine, and aspartic acid is observed in the structures of the unrelated proteins ________ and subtilisin.
ChymotrypsinTrypsinSerine proteaseEnteropeptidase

Question 5: Because the relationship between ________ and tertiary structure is not straightforward, two biopolymers may share the same motif yet lack appreciable primary structure similarity.
Protein biosynthesisAmino acidDisulfide bondPrimary structure

Question 6: Two beta strands with an alpha helix end folded over to bind a zinc ________.
ElectrolyteLithium-ion batteryHalf cellIon

Question 7: Note that while the spatial sequence of elements is the same in all instances of a motif, they may be encoded in any order within the underlying ________.

Question 8: Note also that even when two genes encode secondary structural elements of a motif in the same order, nevertheless they may specify somewhat different sequences of ________.
Amino acidAmino acid synthesisL-DOPAMetabolism

Question 9: In an unbranched, chain-like biological molecule, such as a protein or a strand of ________, a structural motif is a three-dimensional structural element or fold within the chain, which appears also in a variety of other molecules.
Small interfering RNADNANon-coding RNARNA

Question 10: Some motifs exhibit both tertiary and ________, and may be regarded as a configuration of secondary structures.
Secondary structureAlpha helixBeta sheetAlpha sheet


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