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Structural isomer: Quiz


Question 1: Only one isomer of ________ or hydroxybenzene exists but cresol or methylphenol has three isomers where the additional methyl group can be placed on three different positions on the ring.
PhenolEthanolChlorhexidineHydrogen peroxide

Question 2: The carbon chain-oxygen-hydrogen functionality is called an ________.

Question 3: Here is an example of functional group isomerism: take ________, C6H12 and hex-1-ene, also C6H12.

Question 4: The ________ chain-oxygen-carbon chain functionality is called an ether.

Question 5: Both must have the same ________.
Chemical formulaHydrogenChemistryCarbon

Question 6: In position isomerism a ________ changes position on the chain.
AlcoholFunctional groupAlkaneEthylene

Question 7: Many ________ isomers exist because substituents can be positioned on different parts of the benzene ring.
Covalent bondConjugated systemAromaticityChemical bond

Question 8: (Structural isomerism) Constitutional isomerism in accordance with IUPAC, is a form of isomerism in which molecules with the same molecular formula have ________ bonded together in different orders, as opposed to stereoisomerism [1].

Question 9: Compounds with the same functional groups will all absorb certain wavelengths of ________ light because of the vibrations associated with those groups.
UltravioletInfraredElectromagnetic spectrumX-ray

Question 10: ________ radiation corresponds to the energies associated primarily with molecular vibration.
Electromagnetic spectrumInfraredUltravioletX-ray


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