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Structural formula: Quiz


Question 1: The ________ within the molecule is also shown, either explicitly or implicitly.
Chemical bondCovalent bondAromaticityHydrogen bond

Question 2: Also several other formats are used, as in chemical databases, such as SMILES, ________ and CML.
Ascorbic acidSimplified molecular input line entry specificationInternational Chemical IdentifierChemical substance

Question 3: The Fischer projection is mostly used for linear ________.

Question 4: Many chemical compounds exist in different isomeric forms, which have different structures but the same overall ________.
HydrogenCarbonChemistryChemical formula

Question 5: The Haworth projection is used for cyclic ________:
High-fructose corn syrupSugarHoneyMetabolism

Question 6: ________ are flat graphical formulas that show the atom connectivity, but lack information about the three-dimensional structure of molecules.
Chemical bondOxygenNoble gasLewis structure

Question 7: Chemists nearly always describe a ________ or synthesis using structural formulae rather than chemical names, because the structural formulas allow the chemist to visualize the molecules and the changes that occur.
NitrogenChemical reactionChemistryHydrogen

Question 8: The structural formula of a ________ is a graphical representation of the molecular structure, showing how the atoms are arranged.
Chemical compoundElectrochemistryChemistryInorganic chemistry


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