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Structural analysis: Quiz


Question 1: 1638: ________ published the book "Two New Sciences" in which he examined the failure of simple structures.
Scientific revolutionGalileo GalileiScientific methodIsaac Newton

Question 2: The most commonly used numerical approximation in structural analysis is the ________.
Spectral methodMultigrid methodCollocation methodFinite element method

Question 3: 1750: ________.
Euler–Bernoulli beam equationBendingStress (mechanics)Beam (structure)

Question 4: Advanced structural analysis may examine dynamic response, stability and ________ behavior.
Nonlinear systemControl theoryChaos theoryDynamical system

Question 5: 1687: ________ published "Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica" which contains the Newton's laws of motion.
Isaac NewtonImmanuel KantRené DescartesPlato

Question 6: 1452-1519 ________ made many contributions.
Leonardo da VinciMona LisaItalian Renaissance paintingLeonardo da Vinci's personal life

Question 7: 1707-1783: ________ developed the theory of buckling of columns.
Pierre-Simon LaplaceLeonhard EulerIsaac NewtonJoseph Louis Lagrange

Question 8: The solutions are derived from the equations of ________.
Stress (mechanics)Hooke's lawLinear elasticityContinuum mechanics

Question 9: 1700-1782: ________ introduced the principle of virtual work.
Johann BernoulliNicolaus II BernoulliDaniel BernoulliJacob Bernoulli

Question 10: The solutions can under certain conditions be superimposed using the ________ to analyze a member undergoing combined loading.
Vector spaceQuantum mechanicsWaveSuperposition principle


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