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Stroopwafel: Quiz


Question 1: Association of Stroopwafel Addicts at ________
WikipediaWikimaniaWikimedia FoundationJimmy Wales

Question 2: The stiff batter for the waffles is made from flour, ________, brown sugar, yeast, milk, and eggs.
Olive oilButterLardSoybean

Question 3: In ________ there were seventeen factories in Gouda alone, of which four are currently still open.

Question 4: In the ________ factories started to make stroopwafels.
21st century20th century events20th century19th century

Question 5: [1][2] They were first made in ________ in the Netherlands, in 1784.

Question 6: The warm filling, made from syrup, brown sugar, ________, and cinnamon, is spread in between the waffle halves, which glues them together.
SoybeanButterOlive oilLard

Question 7: After ________ they were also made at parties and in markets outside the city of Gouda.

Question 8: info)) (English translation: syrup waffles) a ________ made from two thin layers of baked batter with a caramel-like syrup filling in the middle.

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