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Strontium: Quiz


Question 1: 89Sr is the active ingredient in Metastron, a radiopharmaceutical used for bone pain secondary to ________ bone cancer.
ChemotherapyMetastasisHead and neck cancerCancer staging

Question 2: The largest commercially exploited deposits are found in ________.
ScotlandEnglandWalesUnited Kingdom

Question 3: Chemistry in its element podcast (MP3) from the ________'s Chemistry World: Strontium
Royal Society of ChemistryAnalytical chemistryCyril Norman HinshelwoodDerek Barton

Question 4: It burns in air to produce both strontium oxide and strontium nitride, but since it does not react with ________ below 380°C it will only form the oxide spontaneously at room temperature.

Question 5: As a pure metal strontium is used in strontium 90%-aluminium 10% alloys of an ________ composition for the modification of aluminium-silicon casting alloys.
GoldMercury (element)Eutectic systemIron

Question 6: The human body absorbs strontium as if it were ________.

Question 7: The element was eventually isolated by Sir ________ in 1808 by the electrolysis of a mixture containing strontium chloride and mercuric oxide, and announced by him in a lecture to the Royal Society on 30 June 1808.
ChlorineHumphry DavyWilliam Thomson, 1st Baron KelvinGeorge Biddell Airy

Question 8: Because strontium has an ________ similar to that of calcium, it readily substitutes for Ca in minerals.
ActinoidAtomic radiusPeriodic tableNoble gas

Question 9:
Strontium, Magnesium and Calcium are all:
Reducing agents Lochaber Alkaline earth metals Strontium

Question 10: Strontium (pronounced /ˈstrɒnʃiəm/ STRON-shee-əm, /ˈstrɒntiəm/ STRON-tee-əm, or /ˈstrɒnʃəm/ STRON-shəm) is a chemical element with the symbol Sr and the ________ 38.
Atomic numberHafniumPeriodic tableLanthanum


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