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Question 1: Investigates many aspects of the Strong Nuclear Force including the theoretical ________.
PhysicsQuark–gluon plasmaStrangeness productionParticle physics

Question 2: This hypothesized force was called the strong force, which was believed to be a fundamental force that acted on the ________ (the protons and neutrons that make up the nucleus).
QuarkStandard ModelMesonNucleon

Question 3: It was known that protons carried a positive ________.
ElectromagnetismMagnetic fieldElectric chargeElectric current

Question 4: The strong interaction is observable in two areas: On the larger scale, it is the force that binds protons and neutrons together to form the nucleus of an ________.

Question 5: Mathematically, QCD is a non-Abelian gauge theory based on a local (gauge) symmetry group called ________.
Special unitary groupOrthogonal groupLorentz groupGeneral linear group

Question 6: Before the 1970s, protons and neutrons were thought to be indivisible ________.
QuarkElementary particleParticle physicsStandard Model

Question 7: In particle physics, the strong interaction (also called the strong force, strong nuclear force, or color force) is one of the four ________ of nature, along with electromagnetic force, weak interaction and gravitation.
Standard ModelQuantum field theoryPhotonFundamental interaction

Question 8: On the smaller scale, it is also the force that holds quarks and ________ together to form the proton, the neutron and other particles.
MesonStandard ModelGluonKaon

Question 9: The theory of ________ explains that quarks carry what is called a color charge, although it has no relation to visible color.
Quantum chromodynamicsPhotonStandard ModelYang–Mills theory

Question 10: This is detailed in the theory of ________ (QCD).
Standard ModelQuantum chromodynamicsYang–Mills theoryPhoton

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