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Stroller (style): Quiz


Question 1: In ________, it is known as a "director's suit", from the term inside director.
JapanCanadaUnited KingdomCambodia

Question 2: Stresemann, like other German politicians of his age, wore morning dress or a ________ in the Reichstag or when making public appearances.
Frock coatJacket lapelWhite tieSuit (clothing)

Question 3: (The stroller is the semi-formal day time equivalent of the semi-formal evening dress dinner jacket or tuxedo (________); morning dress is the formal day dress equivalent of evening formal dress (white tie).)
Black tieFormal wearStroller (style)Suit (clothing)

Question 4: In the Continent and the Commonwealth, ________ is worn to formal day events; the stroller in the U.S.
Black tieMorning dressWhite tieSuit (clothing)

Question 5: In German, a stroller is called a Stresemann, after the Weimar German chancellor ________.
Gustav StresemannJoseph WirthHermann Müller (politician)Heinrich Brüning

Question 6: This makes it largely identical to the formal ________ from which it is derived, with the exchange of a suit jacket for a morning coat, and the almost exclusive use of a necktie and turndown collar.
Morning dressSuit (clothing)White tieBlack tie

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