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Question 1: Because she was not aware of, did not initiate, and was not present at the time of the ________, she was not charged with any sex-related crimes.
Sexual abuseProstitutionRapeSexual assault

Question 2: In an interview with ________ she said that, after her rape, she "felt dirty" and had difficulty making and maintaining friendships because she wouldn't "allow anyone to get too close to me."

Question 3: She abandoned her plans to attend the ________, where she had anticipated declaring pre-med.
Jeffersontown, KentuckyShively, KentuckySt. Matthews, KentuckyUniversity of Louisville

Question 4:
Strip search prank call scam, Fort Knox and Jim Beam are all:
2004 crimes in the United States 1992 crimes in the United States Hoaxes in the United States Bullitt County, Kentucky

Question 5: A vast majority of the calls were to ________ restaurants but a few were made to chain grocery stores.
RiceBreakfastFast foodMedieval cuisine

Question 6: Nix, remorseful for his part in the crime, pleaded guilty to ________ and other crimes in February 2006 in exchange for his testimony against Stewart.
Sexual assaultSexual abuseRapeSexual harassment

Question 7: After his arrest, Stewart was extradited to ________ to face charges of impersonating a police officer, and solicitation of sodomy.

Question 8:
Strip search prank call scam, Phreaking and Prank call are all:
Fraud Deception Sex crimes Telephone crimes

Question 9: Two calls reported in 1992: one in ________ and another in Fallon, Nevada.
Devils Lake, North DakotaMinot, North DakotaWilliston, North DakotaBismarck, North Dakota

Question 10: Using Wal-Mart's records of the second store, the cash register, and time of the purchase of that card, the police were able to find ________ video of the transaction.
Mass surveillanceIP cameraTraffic enforcement cameraClosed-circuit television

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