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Question 1: Other applications may use binary alphabet (Σ = {0,1}) or DNA alphabet (Σ = {A,C,G,T}) in ________.
Artificial intelligenceBiological engineeringBiotechnologyBioinformatics

Question 2: ________
Knuth–Morris–Pratt algorithmRabin–Karp string search algorithmString searching algorithmRon Rivest

Question 3: These are expensive to construct—they are usually created using the ________—but very quick to use.
Automata theoryPowerset constructionDeterministic finite-state machineNondeterministic finite state machine

Question 4: They are represented usually by a regular grammar or ________.
PerlString (computer science)Regular expressionProgramming language

Question 5: After building a substring index, for example a ________ or suffix array, the occurrences of a pattern can be found quickly.
B-treeBinary search treeBinary treeSuffix tree

Question 6: This approach is frequently generalized in practice to search for arbitrary ________.
PerlProgramming languageRegular expressionString (computer science)

Question 7: The various ________ can be classified by the number of patterns each uses.
LogicAlgorithmAlan TuringAlgorithm characterizations

Question 8: Baeza–Yates keeps track of whether the previous j characters were a prefix of the search string, and is therefore adaptable to ________.
Bitap algorithmLevenshtein distanceDynamic programmingApproximate string matching

Question 9: String searching algorithms, sometimes called string matching algorithms, are an important class of ________ that try to find a place where one or several strings (also called patterns) are found within a larger string or text.
Primitive data typeArbitrary-precision arithmeticString (computer science)Pointer (computing)


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