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Question 1: By far the most well-known instrument to use this method is the piano, where the hammers are controlled by a mechanical action; another example is the ________, where the player holds the hammers.
HungaryCimbalomPolandHammered dulcimer

Question 2: This category includes the keyboard instrument the ________, which formerly used feather quills (now plastic plectra) to pluck the strings.
ConcertoBaroque musicVirginalsHarpsichord

Question 3: Guitar-/bass-like instruments are being manufactured mainly for this purpose, like the Bunker Touch Guitar, the ________, the Warr Guitar and the Megatar.
Chapman StickKing CrimsonElectric guitarBass guitar

Question 4: Ancestors of the modern bowed string instruments are the rebab of the Islamic Empires, the Persian kamanche and the ________.
Musical instrumentByzantine lyraMusicClassical music

Question 5: ________ - Instruments in which the strings are contained within a frame.
HarpIrelandUnited KingdomEngland

Question 6: Bowing above the fingerboard (________) produces a purer tone with less overtone strength, emphasizing the fundamental, also known as flautando, since it sounds less reedy and more flute-like.
Outline of musicMusicGlossary of musical terminologyIndex of music articles

Question 7: A variant of the hammering method is found in the ________: a brass tangent touches the string and presses it to a hard surface, inducing vibration.
ClavichordPipe organBaroque musicJohann Sebastian Bach

Question 8: Bowing (Italian: Arco) is a method used in some string instruments, including the violin, viola, ________, and less commonly, the double bass (of the violin family) and the old viol family.
CelloConcertoCello concertoChamber music

Question 9: To modify the tone of amplified bass instruments, a range of electronic ________ are available, such as distortion and chorus.
Electric guitarEffects unitBass guitarSynthesizer

Question 10: However, different bow placements can be selected to change ________.
OperaColoraturaChest voiceTimbre


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