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String Quartets, Op. 76 (Haydn): Quiz


Question 1: The first movement of the quartet is in the home key of C major, in common time, and is written in ________.
Classical period (music)Variation (music)Musical formSonata form

Question 2: The first movement is in D minor, common time and ________.
Sonata formClassical period (music)Variation (music)Musical form

Question 3: 3, boasts the nickname Emperor, because in the second movement, Haydn quotes the melody from ________ ("God Save Emperor Francis"), an anthem he wrote for Emperor Francis II.
Gott erhalte Franz den KaiserAustrian EmpireAustria–HungaryJoseph Haydn

Question 4: The movement has a hymn-like character and has been compared with the slow movements of ________'s Jupiter symphony and Haydn's own 99th symphony.
Mozart piano concertosWolfgang Amadeus MozartMozart family grand tourKöchel catalogue

Question 5: String Quartets, Op. 76 (Haydn): Free scores at the ________.
Spanish languageInternational Music Score Library ProjectMcGill UniversityEnglish language

Question 6: This same melody is known to modern listeners for its later use in the German national anthem, ________.
God Save the QueenDeutschlandliedAuferstanden aus RuinenPoland Is Not Yet Lost

Question 7: The second movement, written in F-sharp major in cut time, is in ________.
Musical formVariation (music)Sonata formClassical period (music)

Question 8: ________'s string quartets, Op.
Ludwig van BeethovenHaydn and MozartJoseph HaydnWolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Question 9: The first movement, in G Major alla breve, is a ________.
Sonata formMusical formVariation (music)Classical period (music)

Question 10: The finale, in 3/4 time, is in ________.
Variation (music)Sonata formMusical formClassical period (music)


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