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Question 1: Both strike rates are relatively new statistics, having only been invented and considered of importance after the introduction of ________ cricket in the 1970s.
One Day InternationalTwenty20Test cricketCricket World Cup

Question 2: Batting strike rate is a measure of how frequently a ________ achieves the primary goal of batting, namely scoring runs.
Donald BradmanBatting (cricket)Kevin PietersenRicky Ponting

Question 3: This means a Test batsman's most important statistic is generally considered to be his ________, rather than his strike rate.
On-base percentageBatting averageHome runGrand slam (baseball)

Question 4: In ________, strike rates are of considerably more importance.
Limited overs cricketTest cricketTwenty20One Day International

Question 5: Strike rate refers to two different statistics in the sport of ________.
Bat-and-ball gamesCricketOlympic GamesIndoor cricket

Question 6: In ________, a batsman's strike rate is of secondary relevance to his ability to score runs without getting out.
One Day InternationalTwenty20Hong Kong International Cricket SixesTest cricket


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