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Strike action: Quiz


Question 1: Harlan County, USA, Director: Barbara Kopple, USA 1976–A ________ about a very long and bitter strike of coal miners in Kentucky
Direct CinemaPolitical cinemaCinéma véritéDocumentary film

Question 2: A ________ is a deliberate refusal to eat.
1981 Irish hunger strikeIrish republicanismHunger strikeIreland

Question 3: Legislation was enacted in the aftermath of the 1919 police strikes, forbidding ________ from both taking industrial action, and discussing the possibility with colleagues.
Law enforcement in the United KingdomLaw enforcement in IrelandRoyal Gibraltar PoliceSovereign Base Areas Police

Question 4: Bastard Boys, A miniseries based on the ________.
Howard GovernmentPeter ReithAustralian workplace agreement1998 Australian waterfront dispute

Question 5: The use of the English word "strike" first appeared in 1768, when sailors, in support of demonstrations in ________, "struck" or removed the topgallant sails of merchant ships at port, thus crippling the ships.

Question 6: One method of inhibiting a strike is elimination of the union that may launch it, which is sometimes accomplished through ________.
Anti-union organizations in the United StatesLabor spiesStrike actionUnion busting

Question 7: Union busting campaigns may be orchestrated by labor relations consultants, and may utilize the services of ________, or asset protection services.
Labor spiesColorado Labor WarsJames McParlandBill Haywood

Question 8: Brüder ________, Director: Werner Hochbaum, Germany 1929–On the general strike in the port of Hamburg, Germany in 1896/97

Question 9: In the aftermath, Frick was shot twice in the neck and then stabbed twice by ________, surviving the attack.
Alexander BerkmanMikhail BakuninEmma GoldmanAnarchism

Question 10: For example, workers might follow all safety regulations in such a way that it impedes their productivity or they might refuse to work ________.
Working timeOvertimeEight-hour dayEmployment contract

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