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Question 1: In Dutch, ad hoc indication of stress is usually marked by an acute accent on the vowel (or, in the case of a ________, the first two vowels) of the stressed syllable.
DiphthongRomanian phonologyPortuguese phonologyInternational Phonetic Alphabet

Question 2: In Modern Greek, all ________ are written with an acute accent over the vowel in the stressed syllable.
SyllableGeminationVowel lengthMora (linguistics)

Question 3: There are also dynamic accent (loudness), qualitative accent (full vowels), and quantitative accent (length, known in ________ as agogic accent).
Musical notationClassical musicMusic theoryMusical form

Question 4: In ________, stress is the relative emphasis that may be given to certain syllables in a word.

Question 5: For example, in British English, the word "laboratory" is pronounced with primary stress on the second syllable, while ________ stresses the first.
United StatesEnglish languageAlaskaAmerican English

Question 6: Other languages have ________ timing (e.g.
Mora (linguistics)Vowel lengthGeminationSyllable

Question 7: In English, many unstressed vowels reduce to ________-like vowels, though the details vary with dialect.
International Phonetic AlphabetPortuguese languageSchwaVowel length

Question 8: For example, in the ________, the original Latin short vowels /e/ and /o/ have generally become diphthongs when stressed.
Spanish languagePortuguese languageFrench languageRomance languages

Question 9: Other languages have stress placed on different syllables but in a predictable way, as in ________ and Latin (where stress is conditioned by the structure of the penultimate syllable).
Modern Standard ArabicEgyptian ArabicArabic languageClassical Arabic

Question 10: (The acute accent is also used to distinguish some ________ in order to distinguish homographs (e.g., η ("the") and ή ("or")); here the stress of the two words is the same).
Vowel lengthSyllableMora (linguistics)Gemination


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