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Question 1: In an ________ comoving with the fluid, the four velocity is
General relativitySpecial relativityForceInertial frame of reference

Question 2: The stress-energy tensor (sometimes stress-energy-momentum tensor) is a tensor quantity in physics that describes the ________ and flux of energy and momentum in spacetime, generalizing the stress tensor of Newtonian physics.

Question 3: In ________, the translations are with respect to the coordinate system and as such, do not transform covariantly.
General relativityIntroduction to general relativityBlack holeGravitation

Question 4: The components of the position ________ are given by: x0 = t (time in seconds), x1 = x (in meters), x2 = y (in meters), and x3 = z (in meters).
Four-vectorGeneral relativitySpecial relativityMinkowski space

Question 5: In the classical limit of ________, this has a simple interpretation: energy is being exchanged with gravitational potential energy, which is not included in the tensor, and momentum is being transferred through the field to other bodies.
General relativityNewton's law of universal gravitationClassical mechanicsForce

Question 6: The stress-energy tensor is the conserved Noether current associated with ________ translations.
SpacetimeT-symmetryProper timeTime dilation

Question 7: where Rμν is the ________, R is the Ricci scalar (the tensor contraction of the Ricci tensor), and G is the universal gravitational constant.
Sectional curvatureRicci curvatureHolonomyRiemann curvature tensor

Question 8: Generally, this is not symmetric and if we have some gauge theory, it may not be ________ because space-dependent gauge transformations do not commute with spatial translations.
Gauge theoryQuantum field theoryStandard ModelIntroduction to gauge theory

Question 9: The Stress-energy tensor is defined as the tensor Tαβ of rank two that gives the flux of the αth component of the momentum vector across a surface with constant xβ ________.
Spherical coordinate systemCartesian coordinate systemOrthogonal coordinatesCoordinate system

Question 10: If one combines this with the symmetry of the stress-energy tensor, one can show that ________ is also conserved,
Classical mechanicsRigid bodyForceAngular momentum


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