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Street prostitution: Quiz


Question 1: ________'s study of 854 prostitutes in nine countries, including America, found that 95% of women had been physically assaulted, and 75% had been raped.
Ronald WeitzerMelissa FarleyBDSMProstitution

Question 2: The most famous examples of this type of serial killings include Jack the Ripper, Gary Ridgway, The Hillside Stranglers, ________, and Robert Pickton.
New YorkArthur ShawcrossMurderSexual assault

Question 3: The current trend when sentencing prostitutes in the United States is to try to educate them while they are in ________.
United KingdomCapital punishmentPrisonRussia

Question 4: Street prostitution is a specific form of ________ in which the sex worker operates from the street.
Prostitution by countrySexual ethicsProstitutionSex and the law

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