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Stratovolcano: Quiz


Question 1: Pinatubo, located 90 km (56 mi) from ________, had been dormant for 600 years before the 1991 eruption, which ranks as one of the largest eruptions in the 20th Century.
Valenzuela CityQuezon CityMetro ManilaManila

Question 2: The magma that forms stratovolcanoes rises when water trapped both in hydrated minerals and in the porous ________ rock of the upper oceanic crust, is released into mantle rock of the asthenosphere above the sinking oceanic slab.
LavaBasaltIgneous rockFlood basalt

Question 3: This is compounded by the extremely steep slope of ________ leading it to flow at up to 100 kph (62.14 mph).
VolcanoMount VesuviusMauna LoaMount Nyiragongo

Question 4: [2] An eruption the size of Mount Pinatubo could affect the weather for a few years; material ejected only into the troposphere will be washed away by ________ and winds.
RainPrecipitation (meteorology)Earth rainfall climatologyClimate

Question 5: The lava that flows from stratovolcanoes tends to be ________; it cools and hardens before spreading far.
ViscosityRheologyFluid dynamicsSurface tension

Question 6: [2] Subduction-zone stratovolcanoes, like Mount St. Helens and ________, typically erupt with explosive force: the magma is too stiff to allow easy escape of volcanic gases.
PhilippinesLuzonMount PinatuboGuam

Question 7: Cascade Range, central ________) or another oceanic plate (Island arc Volcanism, e.g.
Physical geographyGran ChacoAndesGeography

Question 8: The magma forming this lava is often felsic, having high-to-intermediate levels of ________ (as in rhyolite, dacite, or andesite), with lesser amounts of less-viscous mafic magma.
Silicon dioxideAmethystOpalQuartz

Question 9: A stratovolcano, sometimes called a composite volcano,[1] is a tall, conical volcano with many layers (strata) of hardened ________, tephra, and volcanic ash.
BasaltIgneous rockLavaFlood basalt

Question 10: A famous stratovolcano is ________, best known for the eruption in 1883.
IndonesiaSunda StraitRakataKrakatoa

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